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What is Glomaji (Global Romaji)?

Where did the idea for Glomaji come from?

The concept was devised by the editor in chief of Hiragana Times. Hiragana Times is a bilingual magazine written in both Japanese and English that introduces Japanese culture to foreigners. Hiragana Times is read by serious students of Japanese from over 100 countries around the world. Since it was launched in 1986 informative, easy to understand articles written in both Japanese and English have been published in the magazine. In order to make it easier to read, hiragana is written above kanji and recently romaji pronunciation has also been added as an aid for students too.

However, according to many Japanese students, a huge obstacle to learning the language is the text which mixes hiragana, katakana, romaji and kanji. As a result of these difficulties, the amount of people who can communicate internationally in Japanese is rather small.

Glomaji provides a solution to this problem by creating an environment in which one can express oneself in Japanese without the need to learn other scripts. Simply put, the concept was born out of the desire to create a place for learning Japanese in which international communication in Japanese could take place.

Those who’ve already studied hiragana and katakana have said that they no longer have any need of romaji. Of course, they’re right in saying that they can express themselves only using furigana, but Glomaji, based on the alphabet, has a big part to play in enabling people to express themselves. The community is not only for beginners and native Japanese, but has big benefits for all students of Japanese.