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What is Glomaji (Global Romaji)?

On Glomaji you’re also free to use English words

Glomaji is an environment in which those who love Japan can freely communicate with each other in Japanese, however, as a universal language, English words can naturally be absorbed into the conversation.

Japanese contains a lot of loan words; written in katakana, the majority of which are taken from English. Simple English words like ‘hand,’ or ‘shoes,’ which are used all over the world are not spelt as you would with katakana, but are written as they would appear in English.

These simple loan words account for around 3,500 of commonly used Japanese vocabulary. These words make up a good chunk of the vocabulary Japanese use in their day to day lives. To put it another way, by studying simple Japanese words and grammar structures, you’ll be able to communicate with Japanese people.

Glomaji isn’t advocating that we totally do away with hiragana, katakana and kanji. A knowledge of these writing systems is indeed essential if you wish to live in Japan or wish to obtain any deep knowledge of Japanese culture. The aim of Glomaji is to lighten the load for students of Japanese who are struggling with the acquisition of Japanese script, allowing them to enjoy communicating in the language.